The coffee beverage is undoubtedly one of the most consumed products in the world today and it is estimated to have a consumption rate of about a third of the normal tap water ingestion in the North Americas, and in the European continent, it is rumored to have a consumption rate of a 6.7 truckload metric weights. The coffee beverage which is one of the most exported products in the world today has its highest production rate in the South American continent and it is mostly produced in Brazil.

The nation of Brazil is one of the highest coffee exporting countries in the world today, the next people who are second after the Brazil nation is the Vietnam nation, which is rumored to have tripled its export of the coffee bean in the year 1995 to 1999 precisely and the country as of today is one of the main producers of the Robusta coffee seeds in the world. The Indonesian nation is among the world largest coffee exporting countries and they are ranked third after Vietnam in the exportation of the coffee bean seeds. The Indonesian nation produces the Arabica coffee bean and they are the highest producer of the coffee beans seedling.

However, there is the Honduran coffee bean which is rapidly developing and rapidly rising into a product this is due to the Honduran atmosphere and their fertile soil. In the year 2013, a report stated that the world production of coffee had its prices slashed to a level of 50 percent in a yearly estimate. In the country of Thailand, the dark ivory coffee beans are given to elephants and after the elephants have consumed the beans their intestinal enzymes lower the bitter taste of the beans collected from the elephant's excrement. The beans that are collected from the elephant dungs sell for as much as $1,100 for a kilogram worth, thereby making up for one of the world most costly price on a coffee. This price is even three times higher than the price one would get for a coffee bean which is cultivated from the dung of an Asian palm civet.

The coffee is purchased and sold off as a green coffee bean, this sale is done by the coffee roasters, the coffee investors and the price opportunists as a marketable product in the trading market and it is exchanged by traded funds as well. The washed Arabica coffee is traded on the New York Mercantile exchange, under the icon KC with its contract supplies happening every year especially in months of March, may, July, September, and December, the coffee product is an example of a product that has been vulnerable to important product future costs changes. The high and the low grade of Arabica coffees are traded through the other networks.

The futures contract for the Robusta coffee is marketed on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (L.I.F.F.O.E) and this trade has been on since the year 2007 and it is ranking in the list of the New York Intercontinental Exchange. Backdating to the year 1970, the coffee has been incorrectly pointed to by many people, including famous people like the historian Mark Pendergrast as the second most legal trading commodity in the world. In the year 1970 until the year of 2000, the coffee was one of the most second valued products put into the export market by the developing nations.

However, the current figures are not readily present because of the shifting and the politicized nature of the group, of the evolving countries. An international coffee day is an event which is attested to being originated from the Japanese continent and it was started in 1983 with an occasion organized by the AJCA the All Japan Coffee Association, and the event took place in the month of the 29th of September and as of today the event is practiced in many countries around the world.

The health benefits of the coffee beverage are somewhat argumentative. The reason for this argument is based on the belief that the coffee produces stimulating effects which is as a result of its caffeine content and the effect can be addictive and on the other hand it is said the coffee can be used in the treatment of mild illnesses. However, in the year 2017, a research conducted observed that drinking coffee is usually a safe thing but only if it is to be taken in moderation and if it is not to be taken during the time of pregnancy by women and also, if not taken by people who have bone issues like fracture and its likes.

The results made in the clinical research on the titillating effects of the coffee plant discovered that the effect of coffee on the health of a person who suffers from diseases and sicknesses were not easily observed, however, this was rumored to be as a result of poor adequate study on the quality of the drink and the variance in the age, gender, fitness status and the aiding scope as well. In the year of 2012, the NIH National Institutes of Health analyzed the similarity between the coffee drinking and the mortality. It was discovered that the more the coffee was consumed the more one could be associated with having to die.

However, in the year 2014, it was observed that consuming coffee in a swoop of four times a day, can lead to a closeness with mortality or death. The over-consumption of coffee can also lead to a risk of one having to be a victim of the cardiovascular disease, which can also lead to mortality. It is not proven that the over-consumption of coffee can cause one to have cancer it is an unproven record. On the other hand, it is been rumored that the consumption of coffee in a period of about two to four cups a day can reduce the risk of one having to face death, to know more visit The moderate consumption of coffee is not proven to be a source for the development of the coronary heart disease.